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Billmeyer Quarry History

This page presents a small, loose-bound booklet, "Words and Works", which offers a little insight into the Billmeyer quarry history.
The booklet begins on page 69 and ends on page 90; I know not where the original book is or why only this section was copied and shared with Bainbridge Scuba Center but it is interesting background nonetheless.  Enjoy...

  • 1846-1869 - The Billmeyer plant at Bainbridge was opened and operated originally by John Haldeman.
    1870-1880 - The operation was leased to Kerr, Cook and Company.
    Caldwell and Haldeman, operated by Walter Haldeman came next.
    Operation then leased by Engle and Erb.
    1894 - John E. Baker assumed the Engle and Erb lease.
    1896 - John E. Baker and George Billmeyer purchased the Haldeman Farm, all kilns and quarry included.
    1954 - Kilns idle, operation for surplus only to Ohio and York kiln plants; essentially ceased operation.

1981 - Bainbridge Scuba Center opens.
2006 - December; BSC celebrates 25 years in operation.  Congratulations Steve!  click


The Haldeman Mansion in Bainbridge, PA, completed in 1812, remains preserved on Locust Grove Rd.
From reading and research, it appears that John Haldeman was the builder of the mansion,
and grandfather to Professor John Steman Haldeman (1812-1880).

Read more Haldeman Mansion history here.

Photo credit - Allen Kenyon



Click here to open the "Words and Works" pdf file...please be is a large, scanned file...


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